“Italian Culture Days” in Serbia

The city of Vršac in Serbia was the host of the “Italian Culture Days” combining music and film

August 08th, 2017
Polina Andreeva, CD News
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In Serbia, more specifically in the city of Vršac, the “Italian Culture Days” took place from the 1st to the 6th of August. The event was organized by the Italian Cultural Institute in Belgrade and the Cultural Centre of Vršac. The “Italian Culture Days” consisted of a showing of multiple Italian films starting on August 1st and concluding with an open-air concert on August 6th.


Italian cinema and music were brought to Serbia this summer during the “Italian Culture Days.” On the 1st of August Silvio Soldini's movie, “Cosa voglio di più” (English: “Come Undone”), was shown. This is an Italian romance movie that appeared in 2010 and won the Italian Golden Globes for Best Film in 2010.

On the second day, Bernardo Bertolucci's drama “Io e te” (English: “Me and You”) was

aired. This film about an anxious teenager coping with societal pressure first aired at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. On the following days, other film genres such as the historical drama, “Noi credevamo” (English: “We Believed”) was aired. This Italian film was inspired by historical occurrences, namely by young boys’ participation in Giuseppe Mazzini's Young Italy political movement in times of state repression. Other genres included Antonio Piazza's criminal drama/ romance “Salvo” and the drama “Reality” directed by Matteo Garrone.

The “Italian Culture Days” in the Serbian town of Vršac concluded with an open-air concert by the Italian singer Mattia Zanatta, whose residency in Belgrade has inspired him to bring the beloved Italian music to cities all over Serbia.

This event opens the stage for Italian film producers and musicians to present their art to a Serbian public, thereby bringing Italian culture to the country and setting the stage for Serbian-Italian cultural diplomacy as a tool for strengthening relations.


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