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The Diplomatic Network of Italy works effectively to increase knowledge and awareness of Italian culture

June 26th, 2017
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The intricate web of the Italian Embassies worldwide aims to increase the understanding of Italian culture and tradition. Activities, which they are promoting, are manifold and all from the perspective of developing cultural diplomacy.


The Italian Embassies’ range of activities includes music events and festivals. A good example of this kind of activity is the Third Festival of Italian Music that will be held in November in La Plata, Argentina. The Festival intends to enhance the voice of the participants, with the aim of building a cultural bridge through music, stimulating and encouraging the Italian song in Argentina and South America. The Festival's initiative is part of the activities developed under the "Corredor Productivo Turistico Culturale Argentina Argentina" (CPTCIA).

Furthermore, the Embassies of Italy are active in promoting Italian literature and culture. For that reason, the Embassies collaborate strongly and dynamically with Italian Institutes of Culture (IIC) that have representatives in every foreign country. For instance, the Embassy of Italy in the USA worked with the IIC located in New York City to organize a series of events dedicated to Italo Calvino in June 2017.

Moreover, the Italian diplomatic network has an interest in encouraging students’ international exchanges. In China, the Embassy of Italy encourages two different study programs – Marco Polo and Turandot - that give the possibility to Chinese students to attend courses in prestigious Italian Universities or Institutes of Art and Music. In addition, various awards are provided for Italian students that move abroad to study and grow up professionally. For instance, the Embassy of Italy in Canberra instituted the “Italian Bilateral Scientific Cooperation Award” in the year 2017 to recognize an Italian eminent scientist who, in performing his or her research abroad, has made a remarkable contribution to the advancement of science and technology, thus improving Italy’s S&T relations with foreign countries and with International Organizations.

The work developed by all Italian Embassies located in all different countries in the world is varied and it is necessary in order to assist in exporting Italian culture, knowledge and understanding abroad.


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