Italian Photography at Women's Festival in South Africa

The Italian Cultural Institute in South Africa presents photographer and artist, Rosetta Messori and her works under the title “Roses” at Pretoria's South African State Theatre

August 10th, 2017
Polina Andreeva, CD News
2017_08_10 Italy.jpg

In August, South Africa celebrates Women’s Month. During this month tribute is paid to women and their participation in the liberation struggle. The celebration will also include the exhibition of the works of the Italian photographer and artist, Rosetta Messori. The display of her art work is presented under the title “Roses” as part of the all-encompassing exhibition “Flowers of the Revolution”.


During Women’s Month, as a part of the Vavasati International Women's Festival from the 14th to the 18th of August 2017, Pretoria's South African State Theatre has sponsored an exhibition titled “Flowers of the Revolution”.

The Italian Cultural Institute in Pretoria organized the exhibition of the works of the Italian artist and photographer, Rosetta Messori. The exhibition is named after the beloved flowers: “Roses”. It consists of prints on luxurious cotton paper and it presents unique photos with prolonged exposure times, which result from camera movement during the photo shoot. This technique represents a play with light, which intends to 'dematerialize' reality and create new shapes.

In addition to this creative and one-of-a-kind exhibition, the artist is leading a workshop during the festival at the State Theatre on the 18th of August from 11:00 to 13:00. The goal of Rosetta Messori is to engage local photographers, share her experiences and explain the inspirations for her works.

This event is related to cultural diplomacy in multiple aspects. The workshop enables cultural exchange between Italian and South African photographers, further building up the base for cooperation between artists from both countries. Moreover, the Italy-South Africa relations are strengthened as the Italian art is displayed for the South African public, at the same signifying Italy’s support to the Women’s Month in South Africa.


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