Kissing Chain Across Europe

The British People Across Europe Express Support for Britain Remaining in the EU

June 23rd, 2016

Across Europe, people lined up to kiss one another. The initiative was intended to express support for Britain remaining in the European Union. More than a hundred people gathered outside the Colosseum in Rome on Sunday, to start the kissing chain that has since passed through Berlin, Paris and London.

One of the participants and spokesperson from the website ‘’, said that the kissing chain is a means of showing support for Britain. This follows the murder of UK Labour MP Jo Cox, a strong advocate of continued British membership of the EU.

The kissing chain was relayed from one city to another via i-Pad, from Berlin to Paris and on to London, where more than 400 people took part outside the houses of parliament. The campaign director for Avaaz stated: “A vote for Remain is a vote for love”.

On Thursday Britain goes to the polls, to vote on whether or not leave the European Union. Current statistics indicate that neither campaign has an outright majority.

“It’s a kissing chain that will start in Rome and will go through Paris and Berlin, and then London, to show that the majority of Europeans are actually close to Great Britain in this moment of mourning for the death of Jo Cox, and we honestly hope that the UK will stay in Europe”.


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