Korea Week 2016 in Mongolia to Step up Public Diplomacy

South Korea host a series of cultural events to strengthen the relations with its neighbor Mongolia

September 16th, 2016
Min-ni Wu, CD News

To maintain and enhance the South Korea-Mongolia cooperation and understanding, the Embassy of South Korea in Mongolia hosts a cultural event “Korea Week 2016” in the Mongolian capital of Ulan Bator, from September 6th to 12th.

South Korea and Mongolia has maintained a bilateral partnership with reciprocal visits by the Presidents of the two countries. Viewing Mongolia as one of its major neighboring countries, South Korea hopes to strengthen the ties through stepping up public diplomacy.

During this week, an array of events which present both Korean and Mongolian cultures are taking place including a seminar on public diplomacy, a Fashion show of Hanbok and cashmere, and Taekwondo performances by both Korean and Mongolian teams. Besides a Korean food festival, a photo exhibition of Mongolian landscapes and a Eurasia International Go Competition are held to promote further cultural exchange between both countries.

The Korea Week 2016 is a special joint public diplomacy project, carried out by cooperation of political, government and private sectors, including officials of the Foreign Ministry, members of the National Assembly’s Foreign Affairs and Unification Committee and those from the academic community.

According to the Foreign Ministry of South Korea, this project is the first case of creative cooperation on public diplomacy, after the first-ever Public Diplomacy Act entered into force on August 4th. The new law aims to boost public diplomacy to promote the country’s overseas image, especially by involving the public for a more efficient way of holding activities.

From the implementation of the Korea Week 2016 in Mongolia, South Korea is trying to find a better way to enhance the cooperation on public diplomacy. The Foreign Ministry of South Korea is going to turn the results of the private-political-government cooperation this time into a new model and to practice it in the field of public diplomacy to bring more overseas activities. 


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