Korean Film Festival in Madrid

The Korean Cultural Center, attached to the South Korean Embassy in Spain, will organise the 9th edition of the Korean Film Festival

November 11th, 2016
Dragos Marcu, CD News

The Korean Film Festival was launched in 2008, and from that year a Korean Film Show has been organised every autumn. This film festival was originally conceived for the Korean community, but also for Spanish viewers who would like to know more about the Korean Film Industry and about Korean culture.

This year the Korean Film Festival will include three sections. The first section is dedicated to Lee Joon-ik, one of the most famous film directors from South Korea, whose movies became blockbusters and received excellent reviews from critics. During the festival, ten of his movies will be projected, including the most recent, “Dongju”. His film, “The portrait of a poet”, will also be screened, where the main character is the legendary poet, Yun Dong-Ju.    

The second section will concern current Korean cinema and tackle the subject of Korean and Japanese colonialism. Last year Korea celebrated 60 years of independence from Japan. This historical event will be celebrated by showing two recent movies, “Murders” and “The Last Princess”. The audience also has the opportunity to watch a musical, “The Last Empress”, which deals with the turbulent period in which Japan invaded Korea.

The third and final section, in keeping with the tradition of the film festival, will be about the most recent, well-known Korean movies. For this year “Closing Train to Busan” has been chosen, the latest film of talented Yeon Sang-Ho. This movie premiered at the Film Festival in Cannes where it was well received by the critics and became one of the movie highlights of this year.

The movies will be projected in three locations: the Korean Cultural Center, Cine Dore and La Casa Encendida, where Mr. Lee Joon-ik will present “Radio Stra”, “The Happy Life” and “Sunny”.


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