Linking the Five Continents through Sport

Moroccan Triathlon Hassan Baraka linked the 5 continents by swimming across

June 21st, 2017
Hind Jmaili, CD News
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Hassan Baraka is born in 1987. He started practicing sport (judo, football and rugby) since he was four years old. He had different degrees from the “Universidad Complutense” in Madrid, “Ecole Superieur de Commerce” in Monptellier and “Ecole Superieur de Commerce” in Toulouse. He holds a master’s degree in Sport Management. He decided to move to France to become a professional player in rugby, but after two months there, he had a shoulder fracture and he stayed immobilize for a couple of months.


During that time, he started watching videos of endurance sports. He discovered the “Team Hoyt” which is a father with his son who is handicap doing the triathlons. He dedicated one year for training, lost 22kgs and made many sacrifices. He started running in the marathons, biking and running until the day when he achieved the finish line in July, 26th, 2011.

Since Hassan Baraka was born and raised in Spain, he had a dream of linking his native country with other countries from all parts of the world. The challenge consisted of linking the 5 continents together: he did this by linking Africa and Asia through the Red Sea (Egypt and Saudi Arabia), Europe and Africa through the Strait of Gibraltar, Europe and Asia through the Bosphorus Strait, America and Asia through Big Diomed Island Russia and little Diomed Alaska and finally linking Oceania-Asia through Papua New Guinea and Indonesia.

This project of linking the five continents was managed by Monia Bendriss who is the official manager of Hassan Baraka and with the support of many sponsors. Hassan Baraka succeeded to make sport as a significant means of linking different areas of the world and culture.


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