Luxembourg and China to Strengthen Their Cooperation

Meetings Between the Chinese State Councillor and Luxembourg's Leaders

April 21st, 2016

On the 15th of April, the Chinese State Councilor Yang met most of Luxembourg's leaders: the grand Duke Henri, the Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, the President of the Chamber Mars Di Bartolomeo and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Jean Asselborn. They discussed the bilateral cooperation between the two countries in new fields as well as traditional ones.

 The year 2016 marks 44 years of increasing cooperation between China and Luxembourg, especially in the recent years. In fact, numerous visits in both countries and agreements strengthened their relationships, it is thus only a natural flow that they decided last week to broaden even more their cooperation. Both countries explained being ready to increase their cooperation in many fields such as finance, air cargo, steel and others to achieve mutually beneficial relationships. Indeed, the Duke Henri himself explained: “I visited China several times, and I was always impressed by the great progress of China.” This cooperation shows an example of harmonious relationships between countries of very different size and system.

Mr. Yang and the Grand Duke insisted on the mutual respect, trust and equality uniting China and Luxembourg. Besides, they want to expand people-to-people relationships and tourism, their communication, and coordination of the international stage. Concerning their financial cooperation, Xavier Bettel said that “Luxembourg is honored to become the first European country that has applied to join the Asian Investment Infrastructure Bank”. Mr. Asselborn mentioned that Luxembourg supports actively the internationalization of the Chinese currency and the preparation of the winter Olympic Games which will take place in 2022.

The relationships between these countries are therefore excellent and fruitful as evidenced during this visit of the Chinese State Councilor.

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Julie Essertel, CD News