MECA Prepares an Event Named “Mystical Middle East” in MUB

Items such as Persian Rugs, Traditional Ottomans and Iranian artifacts can be found at the event

April 15th, 2016

UNH´s Middle Eastern Cultural Association (MECA) has successfully made the MUB Strafford Room become a culture-filled, mystic Middle Eastern destination. At the beginning of the event, assistants could listen to music coming from the Middle East to create an atmosphere similar to the Middle East culture.

A lot of people queued up in front of the MUB, to attend the event. The main door was decorated with balloons and a nice golden fringe curtain. The queue contained mostly students, who were interested in attending a cultural event like this one.

The Mub´s Strafford Room was completely full as students and as well faculty, spent all the time that the event lasted socializing and learning about the Middle Eastern cultural customs, ideas and traditions. The guests of the event could as well learn about the culture in Middle East. By making henna tattoos, watching belly dancers perform on stage, learning a little bit of Arabic and tasting different dishes and appetizers of Middle East given during the event.

The main goal of MECA for hosting this event is to make itself known around the world. MECA also want increase the interest of students in the activities that MECA organizes on different themes.
“We want to ensure that students feel that they can join the organization without having to be from the Middle East”, said MECA member and Arabic student, Maddie Pierce. “We also wanted to inform participants about some interesting cultural aspects of the Middle East in a fun and engaging atmosphere”.

“I was thrilled that so many people attended the event outside of Arabic classes and our organization” Pierce said. UNH students attended the event for free and non-student tickets could be purchased for five dollars at the MUB ticket office. The event was funded by the student activity fee.

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