Meeting to Improve Labor Conditions in Uzbekistan

The Trade Unions of Uzbekistan, the International Labor Organization and the World Bank, Organized a Roundtable Focusing on Labor Relations

September 16th, 2016
Cristea Oana, CD News

The ‘Status and Prospects of Cooperation between the Republic of Uzbekistan and the International Labor Organization’ roundtable has been organized in Uzbekistan. Representatives from the International Labor Organization, International Organization of Employers, the World Bank, International Finance Corporation, UNICEF, UNDP and EU will take part in this event.

Organized by the Council of Federation of Trade Unions of Uzbekistan together with the International Labor Organization and the World Bank, the event focused on the measures undertaken in the Republic on the implementation of ILO conventions. The meeting also assessed the measures undertaken by the country for the prevention of child and forced labor.

 During the meeting, the foreign participants expressed their readiness to continue their fruitful cooperation with Uzbekistan in the successful implementation of current and future projects to improve labor conditions and employee protection. In addition, a group working on the elaboration of a country labor program for 2017-2019 was established in Uzbekistan.

 All in all, strengthening cooperation in the field of labor conditions helps to build strong moral and cultural cooperation between countries and the other international institutions.


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