Mercedes-Benz Wins the Award Periscope

#FindTheSuv is the Most Innovative Digital Project in the World

April 20th, 2016

#Find The Suv, the special design of Mercedes-Benz Italy, won the Award Periscope, Twitter's Special Award for the most innovative project in the world. The first interactive treasure hunt ever built on Periscope - the last frontier of social live streaming - is a real example of creativity and innovation that allowed the Star fans 'piloting' a drone looking for a Mercedes GLE Coupe hidden under the sky of Monza. Mercedes-Benz is always looking for technologies, tools and ideas that can assert its role as an ambassador of innovation, a commitment that has enabled the Stuttgart brand to bring effective young audiences, just like Mercedes, always ready to try new roads.

Bulgarian Investment Agency, BIA, said Alibaba is to invest more than 100 million euros in the base. The project, described by the investors as a venture linked to China's New Silk Road project, is aimed at building a bridge between Chinese and European businesses. One of the results expected by the Chinese investors is that Plovdiv should turn into a distribution hub for Chinese goods to Europe and the Middle East.

The choice of Burgas, located on the Black Sea coastline, is not a surprise considering it has the second biggest harbour in Bulgaria. It will be the first European destination of the cargo line, which starts from the Chinese province of Henan and runs via Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

Porter City Holding, which has over 120 completed investment projects in China, is planning to develop logistical and exposition spaces. Chen Zongzhan, chairman of the holding, said that he hopes the project will be completed in three years with the full support of the Plovdiv Municipality and the Bulgarian authorities.

China has invested around 133 million euros in Bulgaria during the last five years, according to the Bulgarian National Bank, a sum significantly lower than China’s investments in other Balkan countries. China's interest in Bulgaria is growing due to its strategic location on the Silk Road, as well as its membership in the EU, its low taxes and its competitive wages, a BIA spokesperson said.

The investment agency is also negotiating projects of Chinese businesses in the fields of agriculture, outsourcing, spa tourism, infrastructure and electronics.

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