Migration into Arts

The artist Cheikhou Bā raises the question of Migration through his sculptures and oils on canvas

July 10th, 2017
Nadine Dinh, CD News
2017_07_10 Migration into Arts.jpg

The art gallery, 50 Golborne, located in London is exhibiting the work of Cheikhou Bâ called “Migrations” from 25th of May 2017 to 21st of July 2017.


This exhibition is the first solo show in the UK of Dakar (Senegal)-based artist Cheikhou Bâ: “Migrations”. It features its new series of sculptures and oils on canvas. He was selected twice for the Dakar Biennale. He also exhibited in Bilbao, Neuchâtel and Dubai.

Cheikhou Bâ, through his new artworks, shows the recent social and political tensions that have arisen in the world in response to the refugee crisis. His small sculptures are presented by figures that are part birds and part humans. The use of chains in his sculptures and titling in some of his paintings critiques the growing world-wide temptation to close borders.

This original art demonstrates, through the colourful painting, how beautiful people are when together. Cheikhou Bâ argues that hybrid figures are part references to the “Ontology of Negritude” a concept introduced by Leopold Senghor who said that to be “human is also to be an animal and to be matter all at once; to be both male and female; and to be in constant motion between these moving states”.

This exhibition for free is a societal and cultural experience. It is a way to discuss important matter happening around us in a way that can touch not only adults but also children. Sometimes words can’t reach properly and that is when paintings and other arts substitute it.


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