Ministry of External Affairs of the Principality of Andorra


Address: C. Prat de la Creu, 62-64, AD500 Andorra la Vella 

Tel.: (+376) 875 704



The Minister

Gilbert Saboya Sunyť

Minister of Foreign Affairs


Gilbert Saboya Sunyé has been Minister of Foreign Affairs of Andorra since 2011. He graduated from the University of Social Sciences of Toulouse, France, in 1989. He developed his career in the banking and financial sector in Andorra, holding positions of high responsibility until 2009. From 1994 to 1997 he was the Conseller General (Member of the Andorran Parliament) and President of the Legislative Commission on Economy. The minister speaks Catalan, Spanish, French and English.


The Minister’s Message:
We live in a complex social and economic context background in which our fellow citizens are going through difficult moments. More than ever, we need to transmit the importance for Andorra to take special care of Foreign Affairs.

A Government that wishes to stand close to its citizens’ daily problems shall not allow the feeling that the issues dealt by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are too far away. Actually the will of the Andorran Government, and particularly of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is to convey the idea that Foreign Affairs have a great significance in the life of our country, both in the short and long term; much more than what may be perceived at first glance.

We firmly believe in this real closeness and this is the driving reason of this welcoming message: the Government of Andorra and particularly the Ministry of Foreign Affairs want to reach a deep association between political decisions and actions to be developed abroad and the necessary initiatives and reforms that must be made at the national level.

This research for association will be unavoidably translated into strong team-working on the different projects that will foster transversally in the analysis and implementation of issues, both at the Government level and between the different ministerial working teams.

The Government message during this term of office is based on the following three concepts: accuracy, openness and competitiveness. Beyond words and speeches, accuracy and openness are principles and values for our actions and decisions.

They are essential elements to promote competitiveness. Accuracy must be achieved in the management of public affairs, the analysis of problems and the implementation of solutions, but also in the permanent effort to adapt to an environment constantly changing.

The spirit of openness to the world is inherently linked to the culture of Foreign Affairs and, by definition, registered in its DNA. Yet, it should be specially understood in a positive way, as a unique opportunity to communicate and reaffirm the engagement of Andorra with the international community, as well as to reinforce our strong points.

Allow me to add two more concepts that should guide our decisions and actions in the Andorran Government in general, and particularly in the field of Foreign Affairs: pragmatism and proactivity. Realism we have to demonstrate due to our condition of small State leads us to be pragmatic. Experience tells us we have to take a proactive role in the management of foreign affairs.

Such a proactivity will allow us to define our position as a country, that is with a will for dialogue and mutual understanding, not only in the political and parliamentary fields, but also with the economic and social agents. Accuracy and pragmatism. Openness and proactivity. These are principles that have to inspire our thoughts and actions in order to reinforce our competitiveness, a key element to ensure the sustainability of the Welfare State.

Lastly, let me explain to you the structure of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Currently the Ministry has 2 Departments: the Department of Bilateral and Consular Affairs and the Department of Multilateral Affairs and Cooperation. These 2 Departments have a supporting Service, the Service of General and Legal Affairs. With this structure bilateral relations with the States and multilateral relations with the International Organizations are covered. We give advice to Andorrans wanting to travel abroad, and people wanting to visit Andorra. We also encourage our engagement with the international community acceding to international conventions, if considered suitable.