Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Plurinational State of Bolivia


Address: Plaza Murillo c. Ingavi esq C. Junín, La Paz

Tel.: (591-2) 2408900



The Minister

David Choquehuanca Céspedes

Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs and Trade


David Choquehuanca Céspedes was born May 7th, 1961 in the Cota Cota Baja community, Huarina canton in the Omasuyos Province of the Department of La Paz. Completed his primary education at the community school where he learned to speak Spanish at the age of seven. Three years later he relocated to Huarina where he finished high school at the Colegio General José Miguel Lanza in 1980.
In the 1980s when Bolivia was transitioning from a military regime into democracy he started participating in sociopolitical processes.

In 1985 he was granted a scholarship at the "Escuela Nacional de Formación de Cuadros Niceto Pérez" in the Socialist Republic of Cuba. In 1987 he was part of a grassroots organization to participate with proposals at the Indigenous Peasant Movement conference and began working the "500 Years of Resistance" campaign with the objective of recovering culture, their own forms of organization, territory and symbols.

Since 1998 he worked at the “NINA” program, a space for education and training where he served as a national coordinator.  The “NINA” space acted as a university since most of his training was acquired from the leaders of the Indigenous Peasant Movement.

As a result of this relationship he was named advisor to the indigenous organizations and deputies of congress.

In 1990 he entered a postgraduate program in History and Anthropology sponsored by CIDES-UMSA. Between 2001 and 2002 he attended a Superior Degree program about the Rights of the Indigenous Peoples at the Universidad Cordillera.




Work on the diplomacy of people’s life, established with sovereignty, respect and complementarity international relations and integration processes and consolidates rights the Bolivians and abroad.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the governing body of international relations of the plurinational state, developing the management of foreign policy to defend its sovereignty and interests, by applying diplomacy of peoples for life, for the benefit of the Bolivians.