Morocco, Paris Book Fairís Special Guest

Paris Book Fair highlighted the culture of an African and Arab country for the first time

June 20th, 2017
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On March 24th, 2017, Princess Lalla Meryem and Former French President, François Hollande, inaugurated the Paris Book Fair which celebrated the Moroccan Literature this year.

Under the motto « Maroc à livre ouvert », the Moroccan pavilion aims at shedding light on the diversity and dynamism of the country’s literature. More than 60 authors and other guests took part in the event and more than 1000 titles were exposed. 25 publishers were registered in the Book Fair catalog and around 20 received the support of the Minister to attend it.

The Book Fair enabled professionals to create partnerships and to discuss issues related to translation, distribution, assignment of copyright and co-publishing. But it was also an occasion for people to discover Moroccan literature and culture. According to Mr. Younes Ajarraï, Commissioner-General of the Moroccan pavilion, one of the main objectives consists on fostering a lasting partnership on the issue of translation between the French and Moroccan Letters.

Translation of books leads to the discovering of other societies and cultures through different perceptions and sensitivities. It gives the public the opportunity to understand the other in order to respect it. It is a significant means of strengthening relations between France and Morocco.

Along with François Hollande and Jack Lang, the President of the Arab World Insitute (AWI), Princess Lalla Meryem also inaugurated the exhibition " Splendeurs de l’écriture au Maroc, Manuscrits rares et inédits" which took place in the AWI in Paris from March to April 2017. In addition, rare manuscripts, which have mostly never been shown before, were exhibited on this occasion.


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