Naadam Festival

A Mongolian cultural ceremony

July 11th, 2017
Valentina Di Carlantonio, CD News
2017_07_11 Mongolian Festival.jpg

Nadaam Festival is a Mongolian major event and an amazing time to experience the culture and the people of this great land. It takes place from the 9th to 16th of July 2017. Naadam in Mongolian means “games”, because the holiday is firstly centred on three Mongolian pastimes: wrestling, horse racing, and archery. It is also called “Eriin Gurvan Naadam”, meaning “the Three Games of Men”.


In recent times, however, women have also participated in horse racing and archery, though not yet in wrestling. The festival originated in the nomad wedding assemblies. The opening ceremony is characterized by marches and music from soldiers, monks and athletes and later there is funny time.

The three sports showed at the festival are Mongolian wrestling, horse racing and archery tournaments. The competition is attended by Mongolians coming from every corner of the country. Participants during these performances are dressed up with traditional Mongolian clothes.

There is also the opportunity to go out and about the external space, people can enjoy food, music, crafts or just learn much more about other people and culture. This is the best time also to see the Mongolian people and get drawn into the atmosphere. The tour in honor of the festival allows people to visits lots parts of this country. They are brought to the cliffs and to see the remains of two dinosaurs who had fought each other to death, this was the best discovery which has been done and it is also an amazing experience for visitors to tell home to their relatives and friends.

This could be an exceptional experience for those who want to get into this culture trying to understand the oriental feeling that represents Mongolian inhabitants. Tourists and people who visit and who attend this event will touch the emotional patriotic energy spread up through the festival. Last but not least, people necessarily have to enjoy the natural beauty of the country, which is waiting for amateurs of the natural world.


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