Nelson Mandela’s Annual Lecture in Pretoria’s University, South Africa

Bill Gates delivers the annual lecture to honor its founder Nelson Mandela

July 25th, 2016
Myron Kanter-Bax, CD News

On the occasion of the 14th Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture, Bill Gates shared his vision about accomplishing Nelson Mandela’s dream for the Africa continent.

On July 17th on the eve of Nelson Mandela Day, the Nelson Mandela Foundation in association with the University of Pretoria organised the 14th Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture. The event was hosted on the University of Pretoria’s Mamelodi campus, in honour of the Mamelodi families who lost loved ones during the apartheid struggle more than 20 years ago.

During his keynote address at the 2016 Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture Bill Gates, who had the opportunity to meet Mandela and speak with him in person on many occasions, delivered an inspiring lecture about topical issues regarding the African continent and its future.

The theme of Bill Gates’ speech was “Living Together” which reminded us of Mandela’s lifework and struggle against the apartheid regime. Bill Gates expressed his belief that the future of Africa lies in the hands of the African youth and shared with the audience the fact that the topic of youth was a frequent subject of his many meetings with Mandela, who was devoted and passionate about empowering the African youth.

At his Lecture Bill Gates also stressed that health and nutrition should be a top priority since it is a prerequisite to form a healthy and productive young generation. Education is also essential since without it, children cannot develop the knowledge and skills needed to become “productive contributors to society”, he said. And last but not least, young Africans should also have the “economic opportunities to channel their energy and their ideas into progress”.

However, Bill Gates didn’t neglect to mention how vital, good governance is in order to ensure the prosperous future of the continent.

The complete transcript of the 14th Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture is available at:


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