New Vision Arts Festival in Hong Kong

The biennial festival brings innovative and cross-cultural performances to the audience

September 12th, 2016
Min-ni Wu, CD News

Between October 21st and November 20th, the biennial New Vision Arts Festival is scheduled to take place in Hong Kong. Held by the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region’s Leisure and Cultural Services Department, the festival will gather different forms of creative art works from different cultures together on stage. The audience will be treated to a selection of art from around the world and the festival will serve as a platform where artists with different cultural insights can exchange ideas and seek inspiration.

Opening the program is a cross-cultural dance opera, “Matsukaze”, composed by German choreographer, Sasha Waltz, and Japanese composer, Toshio Hosokawa and the dance program will combine elements of Japanese Noh drama, Western opera and contemporary dance.

The closing program, “Until the Lions,” tells the story of an ancient Indian epic and speaks for an unsung heroine. This is the latest work of the noted Akram Khan, the winner of the UK's prestigious Olivier Award for DESH in 2012

Artists from Japan, Germany, France, Austria, England and Ireland, will present different styles of art from around the world together with local artists. Together they have developed interesting new programs, such as the drama piece, “Prometheus Bound” (China), which turns the Greek tragedy into a comedy, the multi-art “Superposition” (Japan) which combines art and science, and the contemporary music, “Ensemble intercontemporain” (France), which will début in Hong Kong.

In addition to performances, exhibitions, an arts salon series, master classes, a workshop, pre-performance talks and meet-the-artist sessions have also been organized in order to make the festival more interactive.

The festival was first launched in 2002 and takes place biennially, alternating with the World Cultures Festival. Since its conception, it has been a creative platform for showcasing artists and international cultural exchange. The theme “New Vision” introduces innovative and pioneering art performances to the public, widening their vision for arts and giving them new experiences time after time. This year’s festival will be the eighth edition.

The Leisure and Cultural Services Department in Hong Kong holds several art festivals every year with varying themes, in order to enhance public awareness and appreciation of Hong Kong’s culture. Promoting itself as a cultural metropolis of Asia, Hong Kong has held numerous culture programs and interactive activities to promote culture exchanges.


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