North-Korea Crackdown on Western Culture

Piercings and Hairstyles are Banned in Some Korean Provinces

April 26th, 2016

According to the latest news coming from The Telegraph, Kim Jong-Un’s regime has banned a specific kind of jeans and piercings that recall the Western culture. The ban is spreading across the North Hamgyong and Yang gang provinces, areas that confine with China from where it is apparently easier to receive information about Western culture, and areas that are more open towards the new trends from the outside world, especially from Western societies. With regard to the forced regime-approved hairstyles procedure, chosen from a state-sanctioned list of drab cuts, North Korea has told its male citizens to adopt Socialist hairstyles no longer than three or four inches. 

It is very famous in fact, the slogan “Let’s trim our hair in accordance with the socialist lifestyle”, through which North Korea tried to control the dress standards of its citizens in the 2004/2005 campaign. Now Kim’s regime prohibits Korean citizens to show and wear dresses and symbols (like a piercing) that are familiar with Western culture and trends. The motivation behind this legal provision, is to try to eliminate capitalism from the Korean society, and to oppose Western customs and habits in any form. Kim’s regime stated that those “anti-socialist” behaviour should be sent to its notorious labour camps.

Moreover, the regime is organizing the so called “inspection units”, which consist of young people dedicated to Kim Jong-Un going around in the streets to control if someone breaks the dress code. Apart from that, the North Korean Youth Union (NKYU) volunteers look for unmarried women who have a business in marketplaces, as this is forbidden too.  This group involve at least 15 years old youngsters; whose task is to prevent the corruption of public morals. 

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