Oakley Debuts in Rio 2016 with Green Fade Limited Edition

In occasion of the 31st Modern Olympic Games, the best athletes in the world will wear pairs of the iconic sport sunglasses

August 10th, 2016
Giorgio Malvermi, CD News

The Italian owned company based in California brings back a revisited version of the model with which became famous in 1980. Each pair has been hand painted, making every piece of the collection unique. The iconic green frame is also an homage to Brazil, hosting country of the 31st Olympics.

The Olympic Games have always been an important occasion for private companies to sponsor their brands; displaying the newest sport outfits, becoming major sponsors of the Games or placing ads during important competitions are a mere handful of means through which companies raise public awareness.

In Occasion of the 31st Modern Olympic Games, Oakley, the American sunglasses manufacturing subsidiary of the Italian Luxottica Group, has decided to step into the business competition revitalizing its most iconic frame, through which it gained notoriety in 1980.

The Green Fade Limited Edition will represent the apex of technology in the eyewear industry, spiced up with a touch of 1980s nostalgia. The sunglasses consist of a uniquely hand painted ultra-light frame, different Oakley’s Prizm lenses to match the sunglasses with different sports and the iconic 80s Green color, chosen to celebrate the company’s success in the eyewear industry as well as Brazil, host country of the Olympic Games.

The sunglasses will be worn by 500 of the world’s best athletes both inside and outside competition, and will be available for sale during the Games. Only 100,000 pieces will be available for sale, making the collection one of the rarest in sport eyewear industry. According to Oakley, Rio 2016 Olympics will be literally flooded by a sea of green, placing the company on the podium of the most important sponsors in the most important sports event in the world.


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