Peru: Dedicated to You, Dedicated to the World

The South American country launches a new tourism campaign aimed at making Peru’s main cultural elements known to the world

July 26th, 2016
Nicolás Pan-Montojo, CD News

After establishing Peru as an important point in tourist routes around South America, the Public Agency PromPerú seeks to prominently place the country as a fruitful place for investment. Gastronomy, the traditional alcoholic beverage Pisco, the agriculture and textile sectors have been chosen to achieve that goal. Peru wishes to prove that it is a country ready to make more ties with the global market.

"We are a world within a world," states the video of the new campaign PromPerú. The purpose of this new campaign is to change the way in which Peru is globally promoted. While previously tourism was used as the main attraction, now the idea is to promote Peru’s economic strength and the incredible range of Peruvian products that are regularly used around the world.

"Tourism is already a main staple," says B. Edwards, director of Tribal 101, an agency in charge of the campaign. "The plan now is to promote four Peruvian well-known areas, which in turn will attract investment and help people abroad understand how Peruvian things already belong to their lives. The project aims to show Peru as an attractive place for investment and as a world within the world" he added.

There are four sectors: textile, agribusiness, food and Pisco. These will be promoted through a set of spots to be seen worldwide: "Peru, dedicated to agribusiness"; "Peru, dedicated to textiles"; "Peru, dedicated to pisco" and "Peru, dedicated to the kitchen" are the names of the videos that are part of the new campaign (PromPerú) called "Peru, dedicated to you, dedicated to the world".

These spots will be broadcast on digital media, cable signals, airports, airplanes and country fairs.

In addition, it was reported that National Geographic will issue a series of eight chapters on Peru featuring activities such as cooking, art, business or sports. It will first be broadcast in Latin America and then in the United States, Europe and Asia.


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