Photographs from Argentina in London

Argentinian Photographer Ariel Wilner will be showing his work in London

July 06th, 2017
R.B. Reijnen, CD News
2017_07_06 Photographs Argentina London.jpg

The Argentinian Photographer Ariel Wilner will be showing his work as a part of the exhibition: “PHOTOGRAPHY NOW” alongside other photographers. The exhibition is taking place at the The Brick Lane Gallery in London from 21st to 31st July.


PHOTOGRAPY NOW is an exciting group exhibition presenting a group of local and international talented photographers who invite us to experience everything around us with a new perspective through their lens. Ariel Wilner will be showing some of his photographs at this exhibition.

Ariel Wilner has a PhD in Molecular Biology and after many years behind the microscope, working with ultraviolet light and the utilization of complex techniques of molecular biology, his eye has been transformed. Each light takes on a special and different meaning. It resembles science concepts. Lights that for any eye are common, awaking in him a magic view that he tries to share through his art. Wilner enjoys every lumen and its transformation into enlightening creativity.

The exhibition combines local talent with international talent, underlining the importance of cultural exchange and that which unites us as people around the world. Wilner’s art is modern and uses science to create amazing pictures. This is a great way of showcasing how Argentina is developing itself in the fields of science and art.

Art and photography gives incredible insight in a country and are important elements of Cultural Diplomacy. Through art the public can learn more about a culture and what it values. The exchange of art and ideas is also an important element of Cultural Diplomacy. This exhibition is a great example of Cultural Diplomacy in action.


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