Portugal’s National Day

“Dia de Camoes, de Portugal e das Comunidades Portuguesas”

June 17th, 2016

Portugal’s National Day is a national holiday during which Portuguese people all over the world celebrate their heritage and cultural traditions. The day is celebrated in different ways throughout the world, with a common thread of pride in Portuguese identity. 

The day is celebrated on June 10th every year and commemorates the death of national literary icon Luis de Camoes, who died in 1580. On this day people remember their roots by indulging in various patriotic activities such as reading Os Lusiadas, the national epic poem of Portugal, and listening to Portuguese music.

Open-air parties and get-togethers are also organized. During these events, people spend the day eating, drinking, singing and playing sport.

The event is also celebrated by the Portuguese diaspora across the world. Over 240 million people speak Portuguese and it is the official language of 9 countries; Paris has the largest Portuguese community outside of Portugal.

It is being celebrated with great pomp in Toronto, Canada, where those of Portuguese birth or heritage have organized a number of events.

The festivities last for a week and end with the Portugal Day Parades at Dundas Street, Little Portugal. The Parades normally ends close to Trinity Bellwoods Park where concerts and various other cultural events will take place.

The Portugal Day Parade is among the top three street festivals in Toronto.


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Paola Pluchino, CD News