Recovering Egypt Tourism

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June 21st, 2017
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Since the falling of the Russian plane, which was targeted by ISIS terroristic group in Egypt, the tourism in Egypt had been decreasing dramatically. Before that fact, Egyptiab Authorities have played an effective role to recover the tourism at the same level of 2009-2010. Part of their activities took place in Egypt but also indirectly in other big cities around the world, such as Berlin or Moscow.


In order to promote the Egypt image, culture and safety, governmental authorities constantly organize events, where famous celebrities participate. For instance, Leonel Messi –one of the most famous football players- had the chance to be invited in Egypt in order to visit this country and the most important sights. After his visiting, the message shared by the Egyptian government was clear: “Egypt is safe”.

Furthermore, the talented American actor Will Smith published some pictures during his visit to Pyramids of Egypt. His presence in Egypt and his pictures that were shared all around the world had a positive impact in creating a good image of the country.

Other activities organized in Egypt include concerts for foreigner singers – for instance, a Ukrainian singer was hosted in Sharm El sheik city – or the Meeting in Luxor for the UN world tourism organization, or the Alexandria Library 14th International Summer Festival.

On the other hand, Egyptian authorities participate often in the Berlin Travel Trade show, in order to reserve a reasonable part of the global tourism. Whenever is possible, paid Egypt Authorities travel abroad in order to spread Egyptian culture and promote their country.

As we all may know, tourism contributes to the Egyptian national income by big portion. For this reason, the government is trying to improve tourism through huge efforts in controlling the security within national borders. 

The Egyptian Government is using cultural diplomacy in order to persuade other countries like Russia and the UK, which are advising their citizens to avoid traveling to Egypt.

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