Russian Foreign Minister Claims We Are Experiencing A ‘Diplomatic Renaissance’

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov Highlighted the Increasing Importance of Diplomacy in International relations and negotiations

June 07th, 2016

The opening of the Diplomatic Club at the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Diplomatic Academy was marked by a powerful speech given by Russian foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov. Lavrov stressed the positivity of efforts to develop dialogue, promote understanding, and hold events for the Moscow diplomatic corps and representatives of the Russian public. The project began yesterday and many hope it will play an important role in solving current crises, such as the Karabakh settlement.

Lavrov highlighted the difficulties facing the world today, and suggested that direct person-to-person communication remains a key instrument in overcoming complications. Technology is no substitute for human interaction. Direct dialogue is the only means to promote understanding and find mutually acceptable solutions.

He further argued that diplomacy is currently undergoing a form of revival. Countries engaging in new forms of dialogue, including discussions with head of states, foreign ministers, and other government officials. These contacts, according to Lavrov, enable us to reach agreements which inevitably influence the global political situation.

He also claimed that today we are witnessing “the formation of a new, multi-polar system that reflects the modern world’s increasingly complicated character and its diversity of cultures and civilizations, and helps states to deal better with common challenges”.

Lavrov referenced the Iranian nuclear crisis and Syria’s chemical disarmament as examples of successful diplomacy, and said he hopes similar approaches will solve problems in Syria, Ukraine, the Middle East and Africa.

“Russia is open for cooperation with all those that are interested in uniting efforts on the basis of equality, mutual advantage and a balance of interests. Relying on these principles, we are ready to work bilaterally and in various multilateral agencies both in the government and diplomatic formats, be the latter public or parliamentary diplomacy or diplomacy by non-governmental and non-profit organisations” said the Russian foreign minister, maintaining that the newly formed Diplomatic Club is a channel to do this.


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Laura Serra, CD News