Scaligera High School Cup: A Healthy Basket Competition in Italy

The Tournament among High Schools in Verona Is Attracting Young Teams From the USA

April 26th, 2016

The “Scaligera High School Cup” is a good news in the sport field in the city of Verona - Italy, which is hosting for the first year an exciting tournament among different High Schools of the city. It is organized by the main Basketball Society of Verona, Scaligera Basket, together with the organizers of Magic Summer 3D Camp. The idea stems from the willingness to spread a healthy passion for sport among students and to recreate a tournament among High Schools like in a real American College. This idea turned out to be very successful: the competition is now involving more than 200 students, coming from 12 different High Schools of Verona.

In order to make students more responsible and to make them understand the effective organization behind a simple basketball team, the organizers have included a challenging rule: to participate to the competition, every team should have not only the players (involving boys and at least two girls), but also a Coach, a Team Manager and a Press Agent chosen among students. This feature is the one which most differentiate the Scaligera High School Cup from the few existing similar tournaments in Italy.

During the months of November and December some seminars took place, in order to provide the chosen students with all the information about the competition and the professional explanation about their tasks by the official Coach, Team Manager and Press Agent of the Tezenis Verona, the main basket society of the city. After the training period, the competition started in January and went on for the following months with a series of matches to determine a ranking. Teams are now facing the playoff phase, approaching the big final match, which is taking place on Saturday 23rd of April at the main Basketball Hall of Verona, the PalaOlimpia. They will be playing before the Tezenis Verona - the professional basketball team, with the involvement of a squad of cheerleaders, who will be dancing during the breaks.

This competition is not only showering under a huge success in Verona, where it is supported by a wide range of sponsors, but the organizers were also contacted by the High School Miami, USA, in order to organize an exciting basketball game between a selection of Italian and American students, which will take place on Saturday, May 7th in Verona, and where everybody is invited. Students from Miami will be hosted by the families of Italian students, that way they will have the opportunity to share this sport and cultural experience.

This is an interesting example of how cultural diplomacy can be improved through sport and bring together students from all of the world.

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Gloria Dalla Vecchia , CD News