Serbian Textile Exhibition in New Delhi

The exhibition at the National Museum in New Delhi depicts the Serbian ethnographic cultural heritage

August 09th, 2017
Polina Andreeva, CD News
2017_08_09 Serbian Textile Exhibition in New Delhi.jpg

From the 26th of July to the 31st of August 2017, the National Museum of New Delhi is home to the exhibition titled “Textiles and Decoration in the Culture of the Serbs in the 19th and the First Half of the 20th Centuries”. The exhibition include textiles, ornaments and color arrangements and portrays the multi-layered cultural identities of individuals from the Balkans, more specifically from Serbia.


The exhibition was inaugurated by Smt. Rashmi Verma, Secretary of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Government of India. Additionally, B.R. Mani, Director General of the National Museum in New Delhi, Mirjana Menkovic, Director of the Ethnographic Museum of Belgrade, and H. E. Amb Vladimir Maric of the Serbian Embassy in India spoke at the opening.

The display at the National Museum in New Delhi focuses on traditional Serbian textile production as well important aspects of Serbian folklore such as the embellishment of bridal attire. The exhibit is divided into three main categories, namely carpet-making, Pirot Kilim-making and the role of jewelry in the traditional bridal outfit. These three aspects of traditional Serbian textiles and decorations illustrate the diversity of materials and techniques used by the natives.

The exhibited items, the work of anonymous craftsmen, are representative of the Serbian and Balkan cultures. The wide range of textile-making techniques, symbols, fabrics, yarns and color arrangements are emblematic of the Serbian culture. The displayed items portray aspects of the private lives of the Serbian people and families as well as of the communities in which they were created.

The textiles and ornaments reveal the rich ethnographic cultural heritage of Serbia, which, through this exhibition, reaches the people in New Delhi, India. The display, featuring objects from the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade allows the public in India to gain more insight into the Serbian culture, thereby strengthening the India-Serbian relations and encouraging cultural exchange and cooperation.


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