South Koreanís Projects of Public Diplomacy for 2016

People and Projects to Promote Korean Culture All Around the World May 25th, 2016

May 30th, 2016

The Foreign Ministry of South Korea has begun its public diplomacy agenda for 2016. Three major selections have been made concerning the public diplomacy of South Korea.

The Foreign Ministry selected for the fourth time the youth groups for public diplomacy. One hundred applicants were chosen after a 14:1 competition. The position for a youth public diplomat was not only reserved for Koreans, but youth from other countries were also chosen, including China, Japan, Russia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Australia. They will serve in the youth group for public diplomacy to actively publicize the Republic of Korea to students in the Republic of Korea from their native countries as well as peoples of their homelands.

The second application of the public diplomacy agenda is the recruit of 48 public diplomacy interns for the year 2016. The Foreign Ministry will dispatch the young diplomats to 48 diplomatic missions of the Republic of Korea in the Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Americas, Africa and the Middle East for six months starting from July. The interns in this ‘public diplomacy program’ for youth will go to overseas diplomatic missions for first-hand experiences in public diplomacy on the ground. The program aims to offer youth opportunities to expand their presence overseas, explore career options and build capacity for employment. In addition to this, the program also pursues to help Korean youngsters explore their career options and seek presence overseas. By doing so, the Ministry will play a role in enhancing public understanding on public diplomacy and cultivating globally competitive talent.

The third aspect of the public diplomacy program, is the “people as public diplomats” projects. 12 projects were chosen to serve as actors of public diplomacy. After a 14:1 competition, 12 projects were chosen from the 172 entries. The projects chosen to be conducted in 2016 involve a wide range of areas, including Korean folk tales that have remained relatively little known across the world, architecture, public art, creative animation and science education. They are expected to help further broaden the scope of the Republic of Korea’s cultural diplomacy. Many of the selected projects are designed to introduce Korean culture to developing countries in Asia and Africa. The projects to be held in the US, Canada and Latin America by local Koreans will also help lay the groundwork for sustainable public diplomacy.


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Aira Lukka, CD News