Strength through Culture to Support Children

The German Ministry of Culture and Education continues its nationwide project “Strength through Culture” to support cultural education for disadvantaged people

July 15th, 2016
Nahla El-Menshawy, CD News

The programme consists of various recreational and educational activities, ranging from joining dance groups to learning a new instrument, exploring the world or reading exciting books and stories. The opportunities for cultural education are limitless.

The project aims to reach out children, often coming to Germany as refugees, with an aggravated access to education. Johanna Wanka, German minister of Education and Culture, believes that justice in education can only be achieved if education is a task for society as a whole. She is confident that if the ministry contributes to building up trust and confidence in children’s own abilities and talents, especially those who have had a tough life, it will endow the young kids with something essential for their development.

Cultural education teaches children to be active, creative and eager to learn, which in turn helps them to grow more confident. Since the project has been launched 11.5000 initiatives have been conducted and 360.000 children have been involved. The activities included in the program take place outside of school hours and range from acting, dancing, to playing sports or an instrument. The programme also encourages and helps children to learn other languages and get in contact with foreign cultures.

The cultural exchange offered by “Strength through Culture” is not only improving the children’s social and linguistic skills, but is also teaching them to respect and accept children from foreign countries. Speaking other languages doesn’t have to be a barrier, but a mean to spread different cultures. Moreover, children can learn to use universal languages, such as the language of music. If local organisations wish to get funds for the program they can do so applying at the Ministry of Education and Culture.


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