Summer Festival at the Japanese Embassy in Canada

Discover japanese culture in Ottawa

July 18th, 2017
Alessia Salzano, CD News
2017_07_18 Summer Festival at the Japanese Embassy in Canada.jpg

Canadian-Japanese relations are very supportive and the two countries share common interests in many areas, including trade, energy and culture. Since the establishment of a diplomatic mission in Canada, in fact, openness to Japan increased dramatically, especially on a cultural level.


In order to highlight this friendship and promoting Japanese traditions among the Canadian public, the Japanese Embassy in Ottawa organizes an event to celebrate the so called ‘Natsu Matsuri’. The festival, which is intended to welcome the Summer, is a way for the Japanese people to relieve themselves from the work stress of the whole year.

The night features musicians, dancers and also martial arts performance. In addition, all the guests can also enjoy some traditional food, as well participate in all the steps which lead to a perfect tea ceremony. In this way, all the people involved gain an invaluable chance to explore different aspects of Japanese culture.

Finally, being an event linked with Asia, a western public could not know very well about another continent. For this reason, the Natsu Matsuri festival provides a special occasion to enrich knowledge on Japan. Moreover, it is the demonstration that the expanding field of cultural diplomacy can be extremely influent in strengthening relations among countries, even though they do not come from the same roots and background.


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