Suriname Festival in The Hague

A festival celebrating Suriname to be held in The Netherlands

August 02nd, 2017
R.B. Reijnen, CD News
2017_08_02 Suriname Festival in The Hague.jpg

This September there will be a festival celebrating the culture of Suriname in The Hague. The festival will include music, food and art from this truely multicultural country.


The relationship between The Netherlands and Suriname goes back to the time of colonialism. The Netherlands traded what would later become New York for the South American country. The Dutch then brought people from their other colonies to Suriname to do slave labor. This had led to the country having a very multicultural society, with people from all over the world living in Suriname. After Suriname got its independence many of its citizens moved to the Netherlands and, to this day, they have been a big influence on the Netherlands and its culture.

The Suriname Festival aims to show more of the countries culture to the Dutch, using many different aspects of its culture to show its multicultural character. While parts of the Suriname culture are well known in the Netherlands, there are still many things the Dutch don’t know about. Through the festival more Dutch people will get to known different parts of Suriname culture.

The festival includes food, music, stand-up comedy, a kids’ playground, drinks and art. It will be held in the center of The Hague and it is free for everyone to enjoy. It is a great example of cultural diplomacy and how it can change the relationships between the countries. Despite the dark history associated with the Netherlands, Suriname and its citizens want to continue to work together towards closer relations between the countries and their societies.


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