Sweden’s Own Phone Line

You Can Always Call Sweden And Ask

April 14th, 2016

Starting on April 6th Sweden is the first and only country who has its own phone number. To celebrate the 250th year since the abolition of censorship, Swedish Tourist Association has set up a phone line for anyone to access in the world. One can dial a number caller ‘The Swedish Number’ and be directed to a random Swede who has signed in via an App as an ambassador.

Since launching the number on April 6 there have been over 50 000 phone calls and still counting, and majority of the calls have come from US America covering 39% of the calls.
The campaign was designed by Ingo Stockholm, a WPP agency, for the Swedish Tourism Association and it aims with this invention to promote Sweden: the culture and travel possibilities. People are free to ask anything they want within the limits of Swedish laws. According to Magnus Lind, CEO of the tourism, the target is to: "show the real Sweden -- a unique country worth visiting with the right of public access, sustainable tourism, and a rich cultural heritage. With The Swedish Number, our goal is to create more pride and knowledge about Sweden, both nationally and internationally."

The people answering the phone calls are original Swedish people who have had no training or instructions considering the answers they might provide. People are just happy to tell their view of their homeland. The caller can encounter a native swede or a brand new inhabitant to the country to give an outside look to Swedish society. Callers could be interested in hearing about the coldness in winter and the depth of the snow or ask advice on travel possibilities, or just call for a chat.

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Aira Lukka, CD News