Taiwan Sending ‘Cultural Gardeners’ to Makes Ties with Southeast Asia

The Ministry of Culture in Taiwan is sending teams of talented young artists to Southeast Asian nations to enhance cultural exchange

August 10th, 2016
Min-ni Wu, CD News

As part of the Tsai Ing-wen administration’s New Southbound Policy, the Ministry of Culture in Taiwan (MOC) is sending teams of talented young Taiwanese artists to Southeast Asian nations including Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines and Thailand.

MOC’s Deputy Minister Yang Tzu-pao pointed out that the government aims to promote cooperation and interaction with Southeast Asian nations by enhancing cultural exchange. He also mentioned that young artists held particular importance for the ministry, with their open-minded attitudes and creativeness, creating possibilities for better communication and cooperation.

The program, ‘Cultural Gardeners,’ hopes to sow the seeds of cultural interactions and enable further cooperation between nations. Starting from July 15th, a pioneering group of 49 young Taiwanese artists selected by the MOC will visit communities in designated Southeast nations, holding workshops and projects with their diverse art specialties as a form of cultural exchange and cooperation.

Exceled from 38 teams, 7 teams of young artists will perform in fields of dance, animation, pantomime and documental films, sharing the experiences and views of the Taiwanese youth. The teams are composed of members from various cultural backgrounds, including Taiwanese aborigines and second generation immigrants. Each team is able to communicate through English or local languages.

Rina B. Tsou, a Filipina-Taiwanese independent filmmaker, will lead a team of 4 members to work with documentary screenings and workshops in the Philippines. Lin Chih-yu, a graduate art student who has been to Cambodia several times, will visit Cambodia with her team. Presenting a project called ‘Dance in ASEAN – Sart Kampuchea’, the dance team will hold dance workshops, perform dances with local communities, display exhibitions and exchange experiences with local artists.


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