Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra’s First Concert Tour in Myanmar

From August 26th to 29th, the Thailand Philharmonic performed in Myanmar for the first time as the cultural ambassador

September 19th, 2016
Min-ni Wu, CD News

Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra (TPO), one of the best symphonic ensembles in Southeast Asia under the patronage of the Royal Thai Government, has its first tour to Myanmar from August 26th through 29th, performing 3 concerts in 3 different cities—Yangon, Mandalay, and Nay Pyi Taw.

For TPO and for Thailand’s governments as well, this is an important tour to strengthen the friendship between two countries through the cross-cultural music exchange.

Jointly supported by Royal Thai Embassy in Yangon, the German Embassy in Yangon, the Goethe-Institut, local Myanmar musicians and companies, this event is also to celebrate two Thai auspicious occasions: “The Seventieth Anniversary Celebrations of His Majesty’s Accession to the Throne” and “The Auspicious Occasion of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit of Thailand’s 7th Cycle Birthday Anniversary on 12 August 2016.”

Sugree Charoensook, the founder of TPO and the dean of the College of Music at Mahidol University in Bangkok, is very happy for the chance to perform as the cultural ambassador.

“This is a window of opportunity for people in Myanmar and Thailand,” as he said to the press, he wants to bring the music to Myanmar and share the success of building a professional symphony orchestra in a challenging environment. In his words, “Thailand is not very different from Myanmar,” in which the expensive travel fees and transportation of instruments make the job difficult. He himself spent 30 years to form the renowned Orchestra along with the prestigious Mahidol’s College of Music.

The 95-musician Orchestra’s 3 concerts were a great success, which were welcomed warmly by the public. Performing together with Myanmar and German musicians, the concerts gave a rich experience to the audience with a combination of traditional Thai and Myanmar music, Myanmar and Thai national anthems as well as classical European music.

The Royal Thai Embassy in Yangon concluded this event as a “true symbol of goodwill and friendship from Thailand,” which will help to enhance the future development of bilateral cooperation.


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