The 2017 France-Colombia Year

Intercultural Year is Launched In order to strength the mutual understanding and cooperation between France and Colombia

December 06th, 2017
Greis Cifuentes, CD News

The crossed seasons “des Saisons Croisées” is the bilateral cooperation program that France has been carrying out for more than 30 years, with the aim of fostering mutual understanding and the exchange of cooperation with different countries of the world. It is the opportunity to promote mutual knowledge between two participating States in different fields with an ambitious and extensive exchange of science, culture, art, education, innovation, sports, tourism, media and institutions, among other sectors, with the goal of renewing the perception that each country has from the other.
The organization of the France and Colombia year 2017 "Cross Year" translates the will of two governments to develop and strengthen exchanges in multiple fields, establishing a relationship that tends to sow countless opportunities and extends even beyond the planned season. This aims to strengthen and diversify the relations between the two countries, open new spaces for cooperation, and increase the visibility of each nation.

At the core of the 2017 France – Colombia year are cultural and arts interventions that have been organized in both countries (including dance, theater, films, music, documentaries, painting, photography, book presentations, etc.).

France already offers many great assets to Colombia, namely a strong economic presence (with 170 companies); good political relations (Colombian support for COP 21); a well-established cultural reputation, a dense network of 12 Alliances Françaises (the second largest in the world after Brazil); and 140 academic cooperation agreements.

An example of this success was the International Book Fair that was held in Bogotá, Colombia from April 25th to May 8th 2017, 550,000 people visited Corferias, epicenter of the most important cultural and literary event in the country. France, as guest of honor, broke the record as the country that has sold the most books in the history of the fair. There were more than 500 exhibitors, which were distributed in 23 pavilions who had been responsible for showing the nearly 150,000 titles that were available for sale.

There are cultural events open to the public that will take place throughout the year and can be find here:


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