The Collaboration Between Finland and Tanzania in Forestry

Finlandís Development Program Provides Tools to Replant Forests

April 18th, 2016

Finland and Tanzania have been collaborating for decades in development cooperation in forestry sector. Up until recently, the support that Finland gave was directed to natural forests, but nowadays, the interest is to give the people possibility to gain income from the forests. The funding, that Finland has reserved to use to support the private forestry in 2013 -2017, is 19.1 million euros. With this money, people can replace the old-fashioned and dangerous techniques to newer bought form China and India. At the same time, natural forests are being protected and illegal logging prevented. The aim of the development program is to give the benefits that are harvested form forests to poorest people in the region.

The local people are given the control over the forestation: planting new saplings and taking care of them until the threes are ready to be used for timber and other useful materials. With the perfect climate for tropical pine species, it doesn’t take long. The pine trees in Tanzania grows five times faster, compared to those that grow in northern Europe. Thousands of villagers have joined to the program and have volunteered to cultivate the trees. The villagers will get no compensation from planting the seed, but they’ll profit from the wood they acquire from the fully grown pine tree. This development project aims to conserve the natural forests and give a sustainable way to profit from the forestry.

At the same time the planting of new acres of three is a battle against climate change and deforestation. In Tanzania, the use of charcoal is still common, and the slash-and-burn forestry has caused change in the terrain. The amount of deforestation is the one of the highest in Tanzania, and one of the program’s purposes is to prevent further damage to the environment.

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Aira Lukka, CD News