The Embassy of Colombia in Paris contributes to Cultural Exchange through Sports

Sports Events give young people the opportunity to participate in cultural exchange

November 01st, 2017
Nathaly Zamalloa, CD News

This year is “The France-Colombia year”, and so far many events have been organized in both countries. The events are organized in two seasons, and each season is taking place in one of the countries. Starting with the French season in Colombia in December 2016, the events are now in the framework of the second part of 2017, moved to France.

The main objective of this program is to promote and strengthen the bilateral relationship in different areas of interest such as business, culture, education and civil society.

The Embassy of Colombia in Paris has organized a cultural exchange through a rugby game. From September 22nd and October 1st, 12 young students and two trainers from Cúcuta (Colombia), together with a representative of the Colombian Federation of Rugby, took part in a sports exchange of in Paris and Lyon. This project is an initiative of cultural diplomacy and sport of the state department of Colombia, which wants to give opportunities to young students, who do not have the economic possibilities to discover other cultures by traveling.

During their stay in Paris, the young Colombian team had the chance to compete against French teams and teams and teams from other countries like Germany, Spain and Belgium.

During the games and a number of different activities that were organized, the Colombian team got to learn about new technics in their sport, but also about the french culture, history and daily life.

They also had the opportunity to represent their country abroad, as they were the “ambassadors of Colombia” in this event, promoting the image of their country. Since Colombia is mostly connected with negative headlines in the press at the international level, because of the problems of insecurity, the event formed an important platform to counter many stereotypes and to provide a fuller perspective about Columbian identity.

All in all, the event was a great success, and served as a good opportunity to raise a new awareness of another culture, more knowledge about other countries and most importantly to build new friendships between both sides.


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