The Fabian Castanier Gallery in Los Angeles Presents “Urban Legacy”

JonOne: the art as dynamism

May 17th, 2016
20160517_Fabian Castanier.jpg

From the 14th of May until the 11th of June the Fabian Castanier Gallery of Los Angeles presents “Urban Legacy” by JonOne. The exhibition put together a collection of new paintings that show the style that the artist has developed during his career. Being one of the most significant and celebrated artist in urban contemporary art, JonOne’s graffiti, his abstract expressionism and his use of textures and colors influenced extremely the new generation of urban contemporary artists.

The artworks of JonOne are characterized by a marked dynamism that tells about his life always moving. This kind of life permitted him to evolve his practice from the streets to the gallery, with pieces that can interact with both the realms of graffiti and contemporary art. Recently the artist has had a large number of collaborations, lending his style to notable companies, but he has also exhibited his artworks at several important galleries and institutions like the Grand Palais in Paris. Furthermore in 2015 JonOne received also a Legion of Honor from France, that celebrated with the painting “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité” exposed at the Palais Bourbon.

The Urban Legacy will be the third solo exhibition for the artist at the Fabian Castanier Gallery, and this time he returns to Los Angeles with new works but with the same spirit of vitality that characterizes his work.


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