The Fourth International Forum, ‘Football for Friendship’

The Forum, a large-scale social project of Gazprom, brought together children from across three continents

June 27th, 2016

On May 28th 2016 in Milan, within the framework of Gazprom’s large-scale social project, ‘Football for Friendship’, the fourth international children's forum was held. The project aimed to develop youth education, tolerance and respect for different cultures and nationalities. It brought together young players from Africa, Asia, Europe and South America.

Participants had the opportunity to talk with the global ambassador of the project ‘Football for Friendship’, Franz Beckenbauer, in addition to the midfielders from the football team ‘Gelsenkirchen-Schalke 04’, Maximilian Mayer and Leon Gorecki, Domenico Criscito from the Russian football club ‘Zenith Saint Petersburg’, and with the ambassador of UEFA, Mitchell Salgado. As part of the project, participants received blue-green bracelets as a symbol of equality and respect.

A significant moment during the forum was the awarding of a cup to the professional football club, Bayern Munich, for its outstanding achievements in the field of social responsibility.

Furthermore, the participants of ‘Football for Friendship’ directly benefitted from the activities of FC Bayern Munich. These activities include support for children with disabilities, as well as initiatives working to improve the treatment of children in various countries. The final event of the forum was a children's international street football tournament. The winning team came from Slovenia.

Expectations among the attendees were high. Marking the end of the forum, attendees, along with participants, performed the unofficial anthem of the project - the song ‘Larger than life’. More than 200 journalists from leading media outlets across the world, as well as the Children's International Press Centers (including young journalists from the participating countries) covered the event.


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