The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Organics a World Conservation Congress

The congress is held once every four years by the IUCN

May 19th, 2016

The IUCN World Conservation Congress brings together decision makers and as well several thousand leaders from different institutions such as government, civil society, business, indigenous people and academia. The purpose of this World Conservation Congress is to conserve the environment and make good use of the solutions that nature itself offers to struggle against global challenges.

The focus of the Congress is to enhance the way on which all human beings treat and manage our natural environment and as well social and economic development. These issues cannot be achieved just by conservationists alone and therefore the aid of volunteers is always needed for these type of issues.  The IUCN Congress leaves on a side the differences in order to work together and achieve good environmental governance by engaging all parts of society to cooperate on environmental conservation issues in order to later obtain the benefits of it.

At the Congress more than 1.300 Member organisations influence the global conservation agenda, carry out their rights and guide the IUCN´s project plan for the next four years to follow. Concerning the next IUCN Conservation Congress which will take place from the first until the tenth of September at the Hawaii´s Convention Center which is located in the capital, Honolulu. This Congress is hosted by the State of Hawaii together with the Department of State of the USA.


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Carla Merayo, CD News