The Malaysian Club in Berlin

A club to build relations through countries

July 17th, 2017
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The Malaysian Club Berlin celebrates the Chinese New Year in collaboration with the Chinses Embassy in Berlin. It was promoted by his Excellency Dato’ Kadir Deen in March 2002, in Bonn. Later, when the Malaysian Embassy moved from Bonn to Berlin, it decided to settle the club here. It is currently under the supervision of his Excellency Dato’ Zulkifli Adnan.


The club aims at building relationships with the Malaysian community, as well as the communities from neighboring countries, such as the Chinese ones. It acts also as a social platform, bringing Malaysian communities and artists closer and providing a sense of togetherness.

In addition, it organizes lots of cultural, sport, educational and social activities during the year, various occupations and religions events are celebrated, including Eid Al Feter and Chinese New Year. For instance, the club organized the Chinese New Year in collaboration with the Chinese Embassy.

The event was attended by Malaysian Ambassador and by the Chinese Ambassador along with their own families and also by the Chinese and Malaysian communities. It included traditional performances for the audience like cultural activities.

The club hold a cooking demonstration in February 2017 with the participation of a professor from Department of Food Service Management of Faculty of Food, Science and Technology at University of Putra, in Malaysia. The demonstration included a lecture, cooking of traditional Malaysian food and sharing receipts of the food with the attendees.

The Club plays an important role in reflecting the Malaysian culture and bringing people from various cultures and backgrounds together, it is an important cultural diplomacy tool advocated by the Embassy. An organization like the Malaysian embassy can be a very crucial platform for cultural exchange, especially for a country like Malaysia, where there are a lot of different cultural backgrounds. In conclusion, it is significant to have a platform that brings communities together and allows cultural exchange everywhere.


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