The Preventive Diplomacy Strategy

An international conference on preventive diplomacy in the Mediterranean

June 03rd, 2016

Spanish Minister José Manuel García-Margallo, has opened an international conference on preventive diplomacy in Mediterranean House. It is taking place in conjunction with recent Humanitarian Istanbul Summit, where the issue was highlighted as being of top priority.   

The theme of the conference in Alicante is ‘Conflict Prevention and UN Agenda,’ Spain intends to contribute via a comprehensive approach, to the refection process within the UN on the growing importance of preventive diplomacy. Mediation and preventive diplomacy is indeed, a priority of Spanish foreign policy, as evidenced by the active role being made in international forums. During the conference, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation met with some other participants, including those listed as candidates for the General Secretariat of the United Nations, a Nobel Peace Prize winner and religious leaders in the Middle East.

The conference which is made up of representatives from Mediterranean countries, the UN, the Director General of UNESCO, the EU and other regional organisations also recognized experts in the field. All of these experts provided discussions making contributions through various panels. These included some on the subjects of, Preventative Diplomacy in the Mediterranean and the various ways to strengthen it, the Promotion of Human Rights as a tool for conflict prevention, Agenda ‘Women, Peace and Security’ in the Mediterranean to name just a few. The proposals and the outcomes from this conference have been distributed to the participants, the UN and other regional organisations in order to strengthen its preventative role.  


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Paola Pluchino, CD News