Time, Space and Dance

The Cultural Diplomacy of Laurie Young, a Berlin-based Canadian woman, passionate by dance

November 30th, 2017
Ghada Lajmi, CD News
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The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Ottawa is offering a dance event How is Now from the 25th to 28th October 2017 by Laurie Young who is a berlin-based Canadian woman who is creating her own choreographies and Johannes Malfatti who is a drummer and sound designer. The event is taking place in Ottawa at the ODD Box venue.

Laurie Young is a founding member of Sasha Waltz and Guests, created by a native German woman, Sasha Waltz. The purpose of her company is to infuse dance in a theatric context.

From the 25th to 28th October 2017, Laurie Young will demonstrate with Johannes Malfatti an observation about time in their exhibition. They will set the space with a drum kit, a dancer and a light. In this choreography, Young will concentrate on demonstrating how time frames the way we move.
During How is Now, Laurie Young will be a guest of the Goethe-Institute that is part of “Germany @ Canada 2017- Partners from Immigration to Innovation”. This special cultural program is presented by the Goethe-Institute and the German Embassy that wants to promote the German-Canadian friendship in honor of Canada’s sesquicentennial year.

This event is related to cultural diplomacy because it is first of all organized by the German Embassy to highlight their ties with Canadians. Second, it’s presented by a Berlin-based Canadian Woman that is in a way representing Canadian and German culture. Also, this event is open to everyone from every country and this opportunity open doors to cultural exchange!


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