Total Commits to Promote Shared Development

The French Oil Company Works with Institutions and NGOs towards Shared Development

June 23rd, 2016

Total, the French oil company, is pushing more towards its socially responsible projects, partnering with actors whose skills are well renowned, like international and local institutions or NGOs specialized in education and micro-finance.

The French company claims that these external partners, with their perspective from the outside and expertise in social projects, can help to correct efficiently the negative impact of Total business activities. Moreover, they can point the progression paths to optimize the company’s projects with the hosting inhabitants and countries’ interests.

The goal of Total, when it comes to solidarity and humanitarian actions, is to be able to provide a quick and concrete help as soon as possible, but also to anchor its solidarity actions in the long term. The company is one the frontrunners in resource gathering for rebuilding and renewal activities after natural catastrophes. In this sense, Total led projects after the earthquake in Haiti and the Tsunami in Japan via two donations of 1 million euro to the Red Cross.

As far as shared development is concerned, Total is surrounding itself with specialized NGOs from various fields, in order to facilitate progress and empower local communities. For example, the Angolan subsidiary supports a local project led by Agrisud, an NGO that helps cultivators to gain the necessary knowledge to farm their land effectively.

The Total Foundation has also created a program aimed to support collaborative projects. Such a program has already fostered more than 280 projects, 131 of whom in Africa alone. The goal is to promote internationally collaborative projects that work towards general public interests, such as societal empowerment or education, health and humanitarian improvement.

Lastly, Total is very involved in the health research department. Its Foundation donates 10 million euro a year to various institutes and foundations, with a large share dedicated to the Institut Pasteur.


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