Tunisia's New Government Promises Transparency

Tunisia's Prime Minister Yousseff Chaded Expressed his Concerns about Corruption at the 5th Ministerial Conference of Arab Countries

September 16th, 2016
Dimitra Giannou, CD News

One of the main priorities of the new Tunisian government under Prime Minister Yousseff Chaded is to abolish all forms of corruption in Tunisia.

On 3rd August 2016, Youssef Chaded became the youngest Tunisian prime minister since 1956. Experts have characterized the government preceding his as totally corrupt.

During the fifth Conference of Arab Countries, the Prime Minister expressed his desire to eliminate corruption in Tunisia. He drew a parallel between the war on terrorism and the war of corruption, claiming that, ''it is even more difficult than fighting terrorism in some cases''. The people involved in such corruption are undetectable and are able to easily integrate with different social groups. Society must therefore destroy every trace of corruption and create a new platform of ideas.

Penury, unemployment and terrorism continue to be major problems in the Tunisian area. The new Prime Minister has sworn that his government's top priorities will be eliminating terrorism, improving the economic situation, and supporting democracy, which is an unknown political system in most areas but not in Tunisia due to the success story of the Arab-Spring in 2010 and 2011.

Tunisia’s tourism industry was affected by these problems, particularly the war on the terrorism in Tunisia and other Arab countries. This was damaging as tourism is the most valuable income for this country.
The Prime Minister confirmed that the government will be aim to resolve these important issues


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