UNESCO fosters Cultural Diplomacy through a Season of Multicultural Events

UNESCO empowers and increases its interests in Cultural Diplomacy as tool to promote equality and justice

November 20th, 2017
Cristina Raniolo, CD News

The month of September is going to introduce a list of interesting UNESCO events focused on the importance of Cultural Diplomacy, since this powerful tool allows nations and societies to build bridges in a multinational context in order to get meaningful results to impact the global balance.

The month of September spreads its wings with events that take place worldwide such as in Vientiane, Paris, Venice and Ljubljana and all of them will enhance and increase the effectiveness of Cultural Diplomacy in the international environment to address topics of general interest to build a more comprehensive future for everybody.

Until January 2018, Paris is hosting an exhibition called "Us and Them From Prejudice to Racism" that highlights the consequence of racist attitude or prejudice: this event represents an important step towards the issue of racism that still affects our contemporary society.

In the meantime, until the 20th of September, Vientiane hosts the project “Strengthening networking and knowledge management systems for cultural industries in Lao PDR” in order to promote a good governance that takes account of different cultures in the development process.

From the 18th of September to the 20th of September, Cork struggles with the same issue through the “International Conference on Learning cities” that endorses the importance of the learning process in supporting sustainable development through the collaboration of locals. Indeed, the conference provides a platform that links different cities to share knowledge and compare different strategies and results.

On the 20th of September a remarkable Consultative Meeting takes place in Paris: “The Africa-Germany Dialogue”. Through the UNESCO Priority Africa, a half-day is dedicated to Africans and Germans from public and private sectors to promote new partnerships and initiatives that could represent a good chance to enhance mutual exchange.

Until the 30th of October, Paris also hosts the “Memory of the World Exhibition” that goes through the history of human beings by outlining the successes and failures of our historical heritage.

With all of these kinds of initiatives that foster culture and entertainment, the UNESCO always tries to promote knowledge and information to support a more equal society that puts together the effort to find out the solution to the main current issues.


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