Uruguay Inaugurates the First Sustainable School in Latin America

The Village of Jaureguiberry de Canelones Will Have the first Completely Environmentally Friendly School in South America

June 07th, 2016

The school building is totally self-sufficient in electricity, water and heating. It has the space to receive 100 students each year. The building totals 270 square meters and 60% of the new structure has been built with recyclable materials. To construct the new part of the building 2,000 tires, 5000 glass bottles and 8000 cardboard aluminum cans were used.

Regarding the functionality of the building, solar panels and windmills will provide the energy supply. The roof of the school has the capacity to collect four tanks of rainwater and, additionally, they have also created a mechanism to purify it. The school also has greenhouses where they can grow food and plants.

80 people from 30 different countries helped to construct the school. 20 paid workers and 60 Uruguayan volunteers participated in the project, which was initiated by the Uruguayan organisation Tagma. Tagma enlisted the American architect, Michael Reynolds, for the work.

At the opening the Minister of Education and Culture, Maria Julia Muñoz, highlighted the importance of the work done by the community and by public and private organisations involved in the project. She also mentioned the contributions of the children that were involved, adding that "it was a very educational experience".

At the inauguration representatives of the political and development fields were present. The Minister of Tourism, liliam kechichián; the director general of the Council of Early Childhood Education and Primary Irupé Buzzetti; Primary counselor Héctor Florit, members of the Central Board of the ANEP, Laura Motta, Robert Silva and Elizabeth Ivaldi; the mayor of Canelones, Yamandú Orsi; the Mayoress of the Municipality of La Floresta, Ivon Lorenzo; Unilever CEO, Jorge Ginel; the representative of Tagma Martin Esposito; and the representative of the League for the Promotion of Jaureguiberry Rafael Muniz, were all present at its opening.


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