U.S. Embassy Arranges the “American Center Music Buzz” in Dhaka

The U.S. Embassy in Dhaka is ready to enjoy the American Center Buzz with students and young people that want to experience sounds with an original approach

August 10th, 2017
Cristina Raniolo, CD News
2017_08_10 American Center Music Buzz.jpg

On 28th of August the U.S. Embassy in Dhaka is proud to celebrate the friendship between Bangladesh and the United States through an event that highlights the talent and ability of young musicians in a friendly and informal context.


The music is the main character of this scene and the event is aimed at young artists interested in music and with the passion for sounds. The American Center features the Music Buzz in order to offer a different approach to rhythm, in a multicultural project.

The U.S. Embassy promotes this initiative to get people closer to each other and in order to achieve this, musicians and vocalists and others are welcome, regardless of their country of origin. Since music represents the vehicle for sharing values, everybody who feels real passion for music cn enjoy this great experience.

Talent and curiosity will be fostered to perform a great show, fusing in one single atmosphere  American style and Asiatic sounds to get the best mix ever.

All the artists just have to register to the website to be part of this multiethnic group where everybody could give a meaningful contribution to build a real peaceful and balanced environment.

Music is still the key player that influences this artistic landscape in a climax of mutual exchange and of promotion of social sustainability.

Using the words of the American poet and writer Henry Wadsworth Longfellow “Music is the Universal Language of Mankind” and as long as it is able to drive passion and common feelings, it keeps people linked in a same mood.


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