“Valdivia” International Film Festival

An International Annual Film Exhibition and Competition Held in Valdivia, Chile

June 21st, 2017
Sayed Mostafa Noori, CD News
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The festival, founded in 1993 in the region of Los Rios (Chile), was initially known as Valdivia Film and Video.


Since its inauguration 23 years ago, Valdivia has been an integral aspect for artistic, cultural and social development in Chile and has become a milestone to cultural activities in Southern Chile. Having become one of the most prominent festivals and attractions in Latin America, it owes its success to stablishing meritocracy as its pillar for ranking competing films. Moreover, the festival has achieved great recognition due to the independent character of its content; to its avant-garde vision, which anticipates new trends; and to its strong support and articulation of the national audiovisual industry. 

The Valdivia International Film Festival or FICVALDIVIA is an astonishing and leading industry force across Latin America. Every year, domestic cinematographic experts and filmmakers from Chile and Latin America gather at the Australab to screen films, discuss policy and perform training sessions. Among the main awards in this year’s festival are: International Feature Long Films, Chilean Feature Films, International Short Films and Film Schools. 

Local and regional institutions such as Valdivia City Hall, The Regional Government, the Codeproval business organization and the Valdivia Cultural Center for Film Promotion have contributed tremendously to the promotion and evolution of FICVALDIVIA. In fact, it has become one of the most influential and important festival across America. 

Every year, during the Valdivia International Film Festival, over 160 audiovisual pieces are featured on screen. In addition, more than 30 prestigious national and international guests come together to discuss and participate at industry functions including citizen conversations and educational activities for children and youth, among many others. It is remarkable that the festival has successfully screened over 4,000 productions and has obtained distinction awards at highly prestigious film festivals around the world. 

Every year, the festival has been organized by the Valdivia Cultural Center for Film Promotion (CPCV), a non-profit organization that recently became a dominant and independent Cultural Player in Los Rios Region. Its purpose is to contribute to the reflection about society’s development and the world we are building, but most importantly to remember our own history and identity. CPCV is a proud member of key initiatives including the Directive Committee at CORFO’s Regional Strategic Program “Valdivia, Innovative, Sustainable and Creative,” and the Advisory Committee for “Valdivia American Cultural Capital 2016”.


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