Italian and German Shared History

How Germans and Italians can be seen from a cultural perspective?

June 26th, 2017
Celeste Stassen, CD News
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On the 27th of June, the Italian Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano, submitted an article on the Farnesina website about a recent event that took place in Rome. This event presented aspects regarding Italian and German relations and it was held to discuss German and Italian history in terms of Fascism and Nazism highlighting a delicate, but powerful period for both nations.


The Italian Foreign Minister was able to connect the article about historical relations with the cultural perspectives of these two Nations. He laid emphasis on thanking the cultural sector. The value of the culture is often overlooked, especially when it deals with governmental, political and economic issues. In spite of this situation, many initiatives and discussions can be created, in order to give cultural issue, the importance that it deserves.

A strong bridge between Germany and Italy in terms of history and culture can be built, to let them to mingle in differences, traditions and populations. Despite both nations had a difficult past, it is necessary for them not to forget. Instead, they should build up a new identity for their own country and use it as starting point to promote new ways of relations among each other within the same region, but also with international communities.

All that came from the Foreign Ministers words hopefully gives to the nations a new spirit to fight against bad memories, in order to build a better future. Meanwhile, culture, arts and traditions rise up to show the real and open-minded nation that has to be known by everyone.

Germany and Italy are on the forefront and they are on their way to realize an exceptional work. Teamwork, solidarity, fraternization are keys to be aware of the past, that will never be repeated and to be ready and enthusiastic in building a new gorgeous future.


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